Frequently Asked Questions

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Does MANASYS Jazz Risk our Mainframe's Security?

MANASYS Jazz has no more risk than any other programming activity.  Our software is installed on to Windows PC's, and communicates with the mainframe ONLY through COBOL and JCL.  It would be configured to work with the test environment, like all other development. Learn more

We've Outsourced COBOL Development. Isn't MANASYS Jazz Irrelevant?

Even if the hourly rate for COBOL programming were $0, outsourcing would be expensive because of the management overhead. Outsourced or not, you should do everything you can to reduce cost and improve quality. Don’t expect outsourcing partners to improve technology/processes when they depend on billable hours for their profit. Learn more

Does MANASYS Jazz Dumb Skills Down?

Don’t regard MANASYS as Dumbing Down development skills, regard it as optimizing the use of your skilled COBOL resources. You DO still need some COBOL experts, but don’t waste their time on the routine stuff that MANASYS handles for them, let them work as the experts that they are. And its a great way to introduce new programmers to COBOL, giving them a high productivity modern environment while they learn. Learn more

Will MANASYS Jazz put me out of a job? I have my job because of my COBOL skills.

No, you become more valuable, not only because you can achieve more, but because you will be needed as a technical expert. Learn more

Will MANASYS Jazz lock me in to long term dependencies and license fees?

No, MANASYS Jazz produces standard COBOL and JCL (and C# for client interfaces). There is no MANASYS runtime, and no dependencies. Learn more

Why should I ask my staff to learn another language? We already have extensive macros and templates.

Macros and templates require extensive knowledge of the target language and environment. In contrast, MANASYS Jazz is a coherent programming system with a language that is very easy to learn. Developers can be productive in a few days. Learn more

How does MANASYS Jazz help me to overcome the COBOL skills shortage?

MANASYS Jazz is a great way to introduce new programmers to COBOL, making them highly productive in a modern development environment while they learn. Learn more