Jazz Software Ltd

Jazz Software Ltd was formed in early 2013 to manage the development of MANASYS Jazz

CEO: Robert Barnes

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P: +64 9 418 4415

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Marketing Partner - ITC2

CEO: Tony Wood

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P: +61 409 941 533

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Support Partner - Augen

CEO:Peter Vile

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P: +64 9 307 8481

E: peter.vile@augensoftwaregroup.com

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MANASYS Jazz Background

The first versions of MANASYS were developed in the late 1970's for the IBM DOS/VSE and MVS market, initially focussing on reporting and similar batch tasks, although later MANASYS also developed the ability to generate CICS tasks. Its distinguishing feature was that it functioned with the simplicity and power of report writers like Easytrieve, but by creating intermediate-language programs in either PL/I or COBOL it could be extended with the full power of these languages. The product was successfully sold throughout Australia and New Zealand.

In the 1980's MANASYS was redeveloped for the Fujitsu market, becoming closely integrated with Fujitsu's AIM system (the Fujitsu equivalent of IBM's IMS DB/DC), and other Fujitsu software. This brought MANASYS into the world of relational databases and interactive programs. The product was sold by Fujitsu Australia as a strategic software product, and for a period was extremely successful. However with the decline of the mainframe market the product was eventually stablized, and MANA Systems Ltd turned its attention to application software.

In 2013 an approach was received seeking an IBM version of MANASYS. This initiated the developement of MANASYS-Jazz, which is a complete re-visioning of the original product. It now runs on a Windows platform, generating objects (COBOL programs, CICS maps, WSDL message descriptions etc) that are sent to/from the mainframe with FTP. Although Jazz draws on the proud legacy of MANASYS, it is a completely new product with new and improved features.